Le Dessert – Linzer Torte

Linzer Torte

Linzer Torte

So, everything happened at the perfect timing, I happened to – made a bunch of raspberry jams, have left over almond meal from recent macaron making, and was craving for torte! This is my perfect dessert, not too heavy nor sweet. But of course, making dessert from scratch is not always an easy task. I enjoy the challenge and felt gratifying when it turn out great, though there are times where I feed my trash can too much I starting to feel guilty wasting food -___-; (Think about those hungry kids in Africa!)

A little bit of history about Linzer Torte – “is an Austrian Torte with a lattice design on top of the pastry.[1] It is named after the city of  Linz, Austria.” (quote from wikipedia). “Torte” in German means “cake”, It is a cake that uses groundnuts as the predominant dry ingredient in place of most or sometimes all of the flour. Linzer Torte is the oldest know “cake” in the world, since 1969.

Linzer torte is usually a Holiday classic that often serve during Christmas, with raspberry jam it’s also great as an all year around dessert. I used Food.com’s Linzer Torte Recipe, homemade raspberry jam and did some modification with the lattice design – instead of using the dough in the recipe, I use almond butter paste for it (see below for recipe).

Modified version Linzer Torte

Modified version Linzer Torte

Homemade Raspberry Jam

600g Fresh Raspberries

300g Organic Sugar

1 Fresh Lemon

(1) Soak raspberries in water for 10 minutes, drain.

(2) Mix in organic sugar and make sure it’s coated all raspberries.

(3) Let it sit in refrigerator for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight.

(4) After sitting in the fridge, squeeze in the lemon juice, mix well.

(5) In a heavy bottom saucepan, put in the raspberries mixtures. Start with high heat, once the mixture starts boiling, turn it down to low-med heat. Stir occasionally.

(6) Once the mixture amount reduce to more than half, turn off the heat and transfer to sterile jar. Let the jar cool completely before storing in refrigerator.


Almond butter paste

120g Butter

85g Icing Sugar

1pc Egg

80g All purpose flour

120g Almond meal

(1) Mix all ingredient thoroughly.

(2) Put it in a piping bag with a 1cm round tip.

(3) Decorate the top unbake linzer torte in beautiful lattice design!

Note: Left over? piped it on parchment paper! then you will get tasty buttery flavor almond cookies, yum!


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