Vegetarian Spiral Curry Puff

Curry puff (Malay: Karipap, Epok-epok; Chinese: 咖哩角; Thai: กะหรี่ปั๊บ, RTGS: karipap, IPA: [karìːpáp])
is a Malaysian, Singaporean, and Thai snack. It is a small pie consisting of specialised curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried or baked pastry shell, and it looks like the Portuguese stuffed bread who called it Empanada. The curry is quite thick to prevent it from oozing out of the snack.
A common snack in the region, the curry puff is one of several “puff” type pastries with different fillings, though now it is by far the most common. Other common varieties include sardines and onions or sweet fillings such as yam.

Some varieties of the South Asian samosa are very similar to curry puffs.

– cited from Wikipedia

I’ve been craving for curry puff for a long long time! there is no “vegetarian” curry puff here in Dallas (or maybe the entire US)!!! so I vow to make a vegetarian version some day, and it has to taste as good or better than the meat version. I surfed the internet and found a good recipe from Rasa Malaysia Food Blog, the ingredients are easy to find, yesterday (which is a Sunday) is probably a good day to do some baking since hubby is at home to be my guinea pig 🙂

Although it’s not a whole lot of ingredient, the entire process took me exactly 5 hours (doesn’t include the frying part), I ended up with a bunch of curry puff so I save it in the freezer for future. The outcome? seriously, the best I have had in my life!!! flaky, crispy skin and the filling is fragrant!!! Thank you Bee Yinn Low from Rasa Malaysia for this great great recipe!

Curry Puff making process

Spiral Curry Puff Recipe
(Original Recipe by Rasa Malaysia)

Filling Ingredients
1kg potatoes, diced500g frozen green pea
3 hard boiled eggs (mash into big chunk)
500g onions, diced
4-5 curry leaves
2-3 Tbsp curry powder
15 dried chillies
8 shallots
125ml water
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
5 Tbsp oil

Pastry Ingredients:
Water Dough
900g flour
1.5tsp salt
335g water

Oil Dough
340g butter
20g Ghee (optional) – I use vegetable oil instead.
730g flour


  1. Soak dried chillies in hot water for 5 minute. Rinse and blend together with shallots till fine. Mix in curry powder.
  2. Heat oil in wok and saute chilly paste and curry leaves till fragrant.
  3. Add in diced potatoes. Fry for 3 minutes on medium fire. Add in green peas, eggs, onions and water. Simmer for 5 minutes or until almost dry.
  4. Remove to cool.

Water Dough

  1. Mixed salt to water to make salt water.
  2. Add salt water to flour gradually and slowly knead to form a nice white dough.
  3. Divide into portions of 85 gram each. Roll into a ball.
  4. Leave aside.

Note: If the dough is too dry, add more water a little at a time until they all sticks together.

Oil Dough

  1. Add butter and vegetable oil to flour and knead to form a dough.
  2. Divide into 70 grams portion each.

To make spiral skin

  1. Flatten the water dough and wrap the oil dough inside. Pinch the edges to seal it nicely.
  2. Let dough rest for 10 minutes.
  3. Using a rolling pin, roll out dough to form a rectangle of 20 x 11 cm. Working on the shorter end, slowly roll up tightly into a swiss roll.
  4. Roll from the shorter end of the swiss roll to flatten dough. Slowly roll up from the shorter side to form a swiss roll.
  5. Let dough rest for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Repeat the process until you finished with the rest of the dough.
  7. Cut dough into 4 pieces.

To fill and shape puff

  1. Roll a piece of the cut dough into a circle with rolling pin.
  2. Put 1 Tbsp of filling in the centre.
  3. Brush the edge with water and fold into half. Press the edge together and seal it. This will give you a half moon shape.
  4. Pinch the edge of the puff with your thumb. Bring the back side forward and seal it with the front. Repeat the process. You should be able to get about 8-9 pleats.
  5. Heat oil in wok or deep fryer. Oil must be very hot before putting in the puff and enough to cover to the puff.
  6. Deep fry the puff on medium heat until golden brown.

I omitted the chicken, instead I added some green peas and hard boil egg in the recipe.
and I substituted vegetable oil for ghee.

End Product – Flaky and crispy skin with mouth watering filling!

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