Le Dessert – My First Macaron attempt!

Laduree In Paris, France
Macaron, macaron… I have this on my todo lists for several years, I browse through gazillion websites and books, just so I’m confident enough to pick up my spatula and bowl to get it started. But still I’ve resisted, and fear of failing… Come on, there is always second, third… but how many eggs and sugar will get wasted before the success? what if macaron doesn’t taste as good as it sounds? I decided to play it safe, lets get do more research before getting started just so nothing get wasted and no heartache.
A trip to Paris Laduree resolve all my doubts and questions, a bite into thin crust and moist interior that is saturated with flavorful filling – I knew I was in heaven for 2 seconds!!! My assignment after I came back is to get started with macaron making – Almond flour, ged egg white, tons of sugar, homemade filling.

Fresh out of oven!!!

When I took the macaron out of oven, it’s truly amazing~ thin crust with moist interior, pied/feet around the shell – seriously, I was jumping up and down like a kid! A SUCCESS!!! and oops… I forgot to make the filling! and it took me another hour to prepare the filling. At the end I noticed I screwed up the color, colors didn’t match between shell and filling, this is the result for not planning ahead of time. It’s ok, it’s the first time – so now I can sit back and enjoy a macaron with a cup of coffee 😀 
Shell: Flavorless – with a little pink food coloring
Filling: Green Tea White Chocolate Ganache
I will post the recipe some other time, it’s going to be a long one 😛

Matcha/Green Tea Macaron



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