Le Dessert Sunday – Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake

Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake

Hubby will be back in two days, I want to surprise him with his favorite cake – Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake. I can’t even tell this is a cheesecake when I first had it, the texture is velvety smooth and fluffy as oppose to traditional cheesecake which is rich and heavy, and it’s lacking the sour taste we always had with traditional cheesecake. This cheesecake has been everybody’s favorite, and you can never have too much since it’s so light!

I did a little modification to this recipe – I omited the lemon juice; the apricot jam is to give some gloss to the cake, I left that out too. Instead, I added 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract to increase the flavor a little more. This cheesecake can be made into different flavor – such as: Strawberry, nuts, green tea, cocoa powder. So feel free to experiment! 🙂

Simple but irresistable 😀
The inside is silky smooth and light as chiffon cake.

Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake
(Original recipe from here)


•250g cream cheese
•50g butter, unsalted
•100ml milk
•6 eggs, large – separate into whites and yolks
•60g plain cake flour
•20g cornflour(cornstarch)
•140g white granulated sugar
•1 tbsp lemon juice
•1/4 tsp cream of tartar
•1/4 tsp salt

  1. Melt the cream cheese, butter, and milk together in the double boiler, until there are no lumps. Cool this cream mixture, e.g. by put the bowl/pot into a larger bowl of cold water.
  2. Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites, and whisk until foamy. Add the sugar, and whisk until you get “soft peaks”.
  3. Returning to the cooled cream mixture: mix in the egg yolks and salt, then the lemon juice. Gently fold in the flour and cornflour, sieving the flour/cornflour as you add it.
  4. Add the cream-flour mixture to the egg white mixture bit by bit. Mix together very gently, to not loose the “airiness”.
  5. Line the sides and base of baking tin with grease-proof/baking paper, and pour in the combined mixture. Put the baking tin into a bain-marie – fill the bain-marie with enough water that the tin starts to float and then add some more (as it will evaporate off).
  6. Place bain-marie into preheated oven (160°C, on fan-assisted, adjust as necessary), and bake for 1 hour 10 minutes. Don’t open the oven before you think the cake is ready.
  7. To cool, tip the cake out, upside-down, onto a plate (if you leave it to cool in tin, the top surface will crumple as the cake subsides). Leave to cool in fridge (e.g. overnight).
  8. To serve, remove baking paper and tip cake back to brown-side-up. Serve cold.

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