What’s for Lunch? 20110813

Hubby won’t be back for another 1-1/2 weeks, so far I’ve been home alone cooking, trying to balance my diet and make quality meal; Hubby is pretty demanding, since he’s been gone, I can actually keep it simple but a satisfying meal for myself…. wahahhaha~ (not complaining)

So what’s for todays menu?
Stir fry bean sprouts and black bean lotus root soup

These two dishes are very common homecook food in chinese family; they are nutritious and tasty – bean sprouts gives a crunchy and light texture, lotus root somewhat taste like nuts but softer. Usually pork is added to give more flavor to the soup, mine is a vegetarian version – it is somewhat lighter, but still flavorful. Overall I’m pretty happy with the result. I was thinking about making pizza, maybe I should wait until hubby comes home so we can savor it together 🙂


Today’s meal is mainly consist of earth element –
Both components are roots.


Black Bean Lotus Root –
Seasoned with sea salt and white pepper

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