Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Happy Chinese New Year~

Finally rabbit year has arrived! I missed my family and relatives back in Malaysia, thinking about them enjoying the food and company… I’m stucked in the snow here in Dallas, home sick now :”(

I remember how my mom would prepare two month ahead for new year, all the shopping and baking just for this great celebration. We would drove back to home town in Batu Pahat for new year’s eve family dinner -new year is where we all dedicate the time and attention to family and relatives, it is a season full of joy and happiness. The first day of new year, we wishes everyone joyous and prosperity; with two tangerine for adults and an red evelope fo the kids. Though it’s not a requirement to wear red now, still it is the right color to heighten the spirit and festive mood. New clothes, new shoes, new bag, lots of good food everyday…etc there is no better way to celebrate the coming of new year. and… especially this year I missed it all…

But baking and cooking kind of distracts me from thinking too much 😀 I’ve made some peanut cookies, pineapple tart and kuih bangkit, I wonder if I should make more… but so far I gave kuih bangkit away to some friends, and pineapple tart is in my stomach now LOL peanut cookies is for hubby… so I guess I have no choice but to make more ^^ I took some pics…

In this cold and snowy day, I wish all my family and friends a great rabbit year… and Fa Cai! Fa Da Cai!!! 发财! 发大财

**I’ll be wearing my nyonya clothes on saturday for the potluck, can’t wait!!!**

Chinese New Year Celebration!

Malaysian batik and yummy peanut cookies.
Sunny side up “Nyonya Style” – Pineapple tart.

BTW, this is how Dallas look on second day of chinese new year
(2/4/2011 )


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