Chocolate and more chocolate!!!

I attended a party yesterday at a friend’s place in Las Colinas. The purpose is to celebrate Malaysia Merdeka day -Independence day, but I think we’re just finding a good excuse to make food and eat!!! so I made chinese salad and oreo truffle!!!
Oreo truffle – I made them a day ahead and stick them into the refrigerator… melt the chocolate, dip the oreo balls into the chocolate, put them back into the fridge again. It’s kind of easy actually, and the taste… when I first bite into it, it was like “well, taste like oreo…” then within a seconds “This is heavenly!!! I want more!!!”. it’s so rich and not too sweet, especially if you’ve a sweet tooth like I do, you will love it!
Covered with Belgium milk chocolate
The inside,
mouth watering…

2 thoughts on “Chocolate and more chocolate!!!

  1. just hopping by from holly's e-course. congrats on selling your first piece. beautiful and unique jewelry. the fairytale one really caught my eye. those chocolate truffles look delicious!

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