Carrot Pancake for Breakfast

Carrot Pancake
grind a carrot and add it to the pancake mix,
delicious and healthy!

I woke up with a migraine today, the world seems like it’s upside down to me… the wintergreen oil saved me!!! other than smelling good, it actually works!

So while my husband was surfing the net away, I took some time to sit down and decide what to eat for breakfast, the thought of not feeling good force me to cook, cause I don’t want to go out >_< Hmmmm… home cook and healthy, look delicious and easy to make… Pancakes!!! I remember I was craving for Original Pancake house’s waffle last week, still the same excuse – “the weather is too hot, lets stay home.”

So I took out the ingredients and mix them all together, it turned out pretty good. It’s not sweet, so we have to eat it with whipped cream and strawberry jam. But overall I’m happy with the result, and I’ve learned that I don’t have to coat the pan with pam spray everytime, just ONCE when the pan is warming up -___-; I made the pancake using carrot, and… as always – Everything from scratch! ^____^

Mr.Rabbit wanted some pancake…
he loves it when it has the word “carrot” 😀

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