An Ube Afternoon… purple.. purple… more purple~

I’m so glad to have stayed home for the weekend, no exhausting parties or errants… just spend my time in front of computer, do some housework here and there~ great relaxation moment!

Yesterday me and hubby went to a newly opened Asian grocery store “Ranch Market 99” or “Ranch 99 Market”. They have a bakery store inside the grocery market, and I’ve long heard of their famous cakes and breads, it’s always in demand. The cakes and breads look appetizing… I was so tempted to get the taro cake but it was kind of expensive. So I bought home some taro and ube, and my bakery shop is open again!!!

This cake is dedicated to a friend (he has 4-stomach), who patiently begged me to make this for over a year!!! I’ll bring to work tomorrow… 😀

The look is so-so, but it taste heavenly!!!
I can still smell the fragrant of taro… love it!
Great with tea –
Chai tea, fruit tea, green tea?!??! (maybe)
The cake is moist and soft,
I wish I can decorate better,
it looks messy.. lol

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